Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vardges Surenyants

There are two (sometimes three) copies of some of the images because I've scanned artworks from two different sources with different coloring. I've avoided posting scans of artworks that are already available online (e.g. Salome), which is better quality than the scan I have anyway.

The Return of Queen Zabel / Queen Zabel's Return in the Palace, 1909.

Shamiram by the Body of Ara the Beautiful, 1899.

Women Leaving the Church at Ani, 1905.

In the Harem (date unknown).

Mkrtich Khrimyan, 1906.
Desecrated Shrine (date unknown.)

Desecrated Shrine, 1895.

Desecrated Shrine (date unknown).

Alhambra, 1897.

Cloister, 1893.

The Departure of the Procession from St. Echmiadzin Cathedral, 1895.

Knight-Woman, 1909.

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