Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vardges Surenyants, Various Works.

Village Ghohrud (sketch), 1885.
Sketch with a Cross-Stone, 1885.


Venice, 1881.
The Bell Tower of St. Echmiadzin Cathedral, 1897.

Oshakan: the River Kasakh, 1915.

Grief, date unknown.

Portrait of Idelson, 1913.
Saint Germain Church in Paris, 1897.

In the Harem, date unknown.

Sketch for a Composition, date unknown.

Spain, 1897.

Peasant Women, 1916.

Peasant Woman, 1916.
Jesus Christ, date unknown.
Hunar Helborg "Love Tragedy" (stage decoration).

Arevhat and the Snake, 1906.

People with Flowers, 1906.

In the Harem, 1887.

Annunciation, date unknown.

The Virgin and the Child, date unknown.
Scale-model to P. Yartsev's Play "At the Temple".
Illustration to Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales, 1907.
The Spanish Dancer, 1901.

Portrait of a Woman (sketch), date unknown.

Sketch, date unknown.
Sketch for a Composition

The Refugee Girl, 1915 (Left), Portrait of a Boy from Kavash, date unknown (Right).

A Man (Uncle Nakho from Van), 1916 (Left), The Young Man of Sasun, 1915 (Right).


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