Friday, January 27, 2012

Hakop Kojoyan, 1883-1959

David of Sasun, 1922.

Dining House in Tabriz, 1922.

Street in Tabriz, 1922.

Autumn in Yerevan, 1923.

Cavalry, 1921.

Mount Aragats. Early Spring. 1923.

Armenian Herald, 1921.

Armenian Stylization, 1923.

Illustration to the Fairytale "Magic Bird", 1925.

In his first paintings ("Street in Tabriz", "Dining House in Tabriz"), Kodjoyan captured his Orient - somewhat stylized, colourful, exotice - with humour.

From 1920 and onwards the artists was inspired by the great idea of the renaissane of his native land and in both his paintings and his graphic works he sought to combine hthe past of his people with their present. He produced numerous original book illustration, taking Armenian graphic art to unheard of heights.

Kodjoyan was brought up in a jeweller's family and graduated from the Munich Academy of Arts but the main influence on his art was Armenian manuscript illumination of which he made a detailed study.

His outstanding graphic work "David of Sassun" depicts various episodes from the life of tis hero of the national epic tale. The expressive drawing and whimsical invention of this masterpiece correspond to the spirit and passion of the literary masterpiece.

Other works are in much the same key, among them are the "Armenian Herald" and the illustrations to the folk tale "The MagicBird". The artist gives his landscapes, with their dark grey tones, a unique feeling, wrapping them in an historic atmosphere.

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